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Cloud Talk Wiki

By John | March 23, 2008

It was only a matter of time before some opportunistic person created a Cloud Wiki. Oh, that dude was me. The Wiki is actually running on a 3Tera grid however due to magical nature of clouds this doesn’t really matter. Hopefully this week I will be able to write a blog atricle on how I setup the infrastructure for this Wiki on a 3Tera grid. However for now I will just some notes on the operation of the Wiki.

The “Cloud Talk Wiki” is in a purely prototype mode. I am still setting up the environment (e.g. mail server configs,etc…). Therefore I don’t have user registration turned on. If you want access to update, for now, contact me at botchagalupe @ gmail dot com.

A 3Tera cloud might not be the final resting place for this Wiki, however any updated content will remain.

Please forgive me for I am TWiki challanged. To a seasoned TWiki’st I am sure I am making a lot of mistakes. However if you are a seasoned Twiki’st professional and you want help me speed my learning curve you know where to find me.

Last but not least. I really want to gather really great cloud story links. If you have any really good ones please contact me with them.


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