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Cloud Cafe #86 – Agile Infrastructure

By John | August 2, 2009

In this podcast I had the opportunity to talk with Andrew Shafer, the co founder of Puppet, and an old friend of mine Curtis Hill.  Curtis has been an engineering manager for various software companies including VP of Development for BMC’s Patrol, Pervasive, Worksoft, and Quest Software.  He has a lot of experience with Agile.  Most of you who listen to my podcasts should already be familiar with Andrew.  Putting both Curtis and Andrew together made for a really interesting podcast.  Here are some of the topics we discussed.

Warning Recording Skpye bit me on this podcast.  I was out of sync with both Curtis and Andrew.  Whenever I open my big yap, it overlays either Curtis or Andrew.  This also causes long delays between my points and their responses.  Sorry for this messy-ness,  I will figure out to fix this next time.

Listen to the Podcast Here

I wanted to add a special thanks to Florence Neal for the artwork and Mike Colletti for the music. If you find any of their works interesting, please feel free to link their sites and contact them directly.peric

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