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April 2008 Review Post

By John | May 6, 2008

The end of April has been a little crazy with me traveling to Japan, Australia, and Poland all in three weeks. However my “No Country for Old IT Guys” thread has been getting quite a bit of activity.

The month started with my first Cloud Café Podcast featuring James Urquhart of Cassatt and later in the month I did another one with Alexis Richardson and Patrick Kerpan of CoheisveFT. The logistics of time zones and my recent travel have forced me to cancel a couple of attempts at Podcast #3 however, next week I should be able to get the ball rolling again.

I did a few interesting “Off Topic” post this month in case you are interested and have missed them.

I created a revised version of my “Cloud Vendors A to Z Revised” this month. I keep getting good feed back from cloud vendors and customers sending me updated information. This is working out pretty good.

Part 2 of the “Mighty Two” opened up a can of worms. Seems like a lot of folk were not happy about me trying to narrow the playing field from four to only two. I tried a feabile attempt at a response with my “Why Only Two” blog but that made things even worse. Actually if you read the comments there is a really good debate on the nature of this “Little/Mighty” space.  On a side note-advice, if you can in any way avoid getting Tarus Balog of OpenNMS mad at you I advise at all cost please to do so.  I still love u Tarus (how about those Bears).

And of course there were plenty of Clouds” in the month of April. Amazon as always lead the list with a bunch of new announcements. Also Google jumped into the game with App Engine. One big announcement  was Benchmark Capital’s investment in Rightscale.  Everyone knows how hot cloud computing is right now however, Benchmark making an investment like this might signal sort of a tipping point.

As always thanks for reading my blog.


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