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Cloud Computing With Python: Google App Engine and Amazon

By John | April 11, 2008

I will be giving my “Cloud Talk” presentation at the May The Atlanta Python Meetup Group. The esteemed “Python Guru” Noah Gift will first be giving a presentation on “Using Google Engine To Write Python Web Applications”. Who better to get a first glimpse of the new Google App Engine offering from. It sounds like it will be a fun evening.

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One Response to “Cloud Computing With Python: Google App Engine and Amazon”

  1. Development Tools For Cloud Computing - Two Paths Says:
    November 7th, 2008 at 12:02 am

    [...] For most software vendors, however, the cloud-first development process has distinct disadvantages. First of all, it puts you in the data center operations business, which requires a very different DNA than software development. Next, it makes development itself difficult, because the cloud adds a level of indirection and complexity to all development tasks. Finally, you will be forced to do cloud port eventually to get to a SaaS cloud people want to deploy on, like Amazon EC2 or Google App Engine (assuming they ever exit the Python ghetto). [...]