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EC2 on Windows

By John | November 3, 2008

I couldn’t sleep last night so I started playing with the new Windows AMI’s on Amazon’s AWS. Here is a short and sweet howto:

  1. First I updated my Elasticfox plugin to 1.6.000075
  2. Then I brought up Elasticfox and did an AMI search for “windows”. I noticed there were a few public AMI’s out there so I start a few (why not they are only .12 per hour.)
  3. I started ami-b53cd8dc and ami-be3cdcd8d7 with the keypair I had generated previously for my Linux AMI’s. All of the images I found started with “ec2-puplic-windows-images*” as thier manifest names.
  4. I launched the two aforementioned AMI’s and waited. It seems the Widnows AMIs take a little longer to statr than the Linux ones (duhhh).
  5. After a few go rounds of not being successful I finally found the secret sauce.
  6. I needed to copy my keypair PEM file to my laptops default document and settings directory (e.g., C:\Document and Settings\john\ec2-keys\mykeypair.pem.
  7. I also needed to open up 3389 in the Elasticfox security groups.
  8. Then I was able to login using RDP (mstsc.exe). If you right click the running instance it will generate a password “Get Administrator Password” for you and copy it to your clipboard.
  9. Then you just login with Administrator/<your generated password>

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One Response to “EC2 on Windows”

  1. Thanneer Says:
    November 2nd, 2009 at 10:02 am

    Shouldn’t the title be “Windows on EC2″ :)