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The Skinny on Red Hat and EC2 Clouds

By John | November 28, 2007

This week Red Hat made Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 available as Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud images. For the last few weeks we have been converting all of our web sites over to EC2 images. In fact we can spin a WordPress or Drupal site in less than 15 minutes. So last night was playing around on EC2 and wanted to try out the new Red Hat images. Unfortunately I go this nasty message when I tried to launch the public image:


After I read a little more I found out that Red Hat charges an “Uplift” on top of Amazon’s EC2. Here is a breakdown of the costs:

Item EC2 Base EC2 Red Hat Image
Monthly fee $0.00 $19.00
1 Cores/1.7GB/160GB/32bit $0.10 per hour $0.21 per hour
2 Cores/7.5GB/850GB/64bit $0.40 per hour $0.53 per hour
4 Cores/15GB/1690GB/64bit $0.80 per hour $0.94 per hour

Therefore a 24 by 7 on a base EC2 public image would range from $30 to $576 per month and a Red Hat EC2 image would be around $72 to $795. There are additional charges for bandwidth and more storage for both Amazon and Red Hat’s services. The Red Hat EC2 is in beta and I really don’t feel like paying $19 per month on a beta. For now I will stick with Fedora.

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