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(Barack V Hillary) | (Amazon V Google)

By John | April 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

Does your head hurt yet? Mine does. I am down in the hotel lobby this morning while the family sleeps in (spring break). CNN is blasting on the lobby TV “Barack vs. Hillary” stuff every ten seconds. I keep expecting to see a breaking Amazon vs. Google scroll on the bottom of the screen while I am reading a gazillion articles about Google’s new cloud offering.

Excluding any discussion on the former, I do have some thoughts on the latter. While everyone is trying to figure out what the big picture is for Amazon vs. Google, I find myself pondering more the local impact of Google App Engine announcement. Amazon’s S3 and EC2 have created a groundswell of new commerce opportunities for local Web developers. Local CMS, PHP, and Ruby application developers are finding great economies of scale adopting new cloud solutions like EC2, S3, and Mosso. So, amidst all the debate over the economic impact on Amazon due to Google’s new App Engine offering, I find myself thinking more about the little guys vs. the big guys. I think the real story is how all these new cloud offerings might improve the little guys (i.e., the local Web developers) wallets.

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2 Responses to “(Barack V Hillary) | (Amazon V Google)”

  1. James Urquhart Says:
    April 8th, 2008 at 4:07 pm


    Alternatively, I wonder what the business model will be that begins to lock out the little guys, ala The Big Switch’s observation that for every move that opens up the web, there seems to be a counter move that locks in advantage for the established players. Pricing (for extra capacity) perhaps? Cost of getting Google’s attention for an acquisition play?

  2. John Says:
    April 8th, 2008 at 10:20 pm


    IMHO, I think Nick Carr is off base on a few of his predictions. Although I agree in the idea of on-premise computing some day vanishing I don’t agree that there will only be a hand full of vendors running them. More likely there will be an eco system of large-medium-small connected cloud/utility solutions.
    Therefore I am hoping the glass is half full today after yesterdays Google announcement. I am hoping that now the local python extremist’s will start getting as excited about cloud/utility computing as IMHO, the PHP crowd has been and we will see even more opportunities and advancements in the late-great-cloud-utility-extravaganza.
    We will see.
    Thanks John