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Businessweek Cloud Smackdown

By John | April 10, 2008

Is like me trying to sing RAP music. Last night Businessweek posted an article about “Clouds”. I know this is not supposed to be a technical publication however there are far too many inaccuracies in this article to be ignored.

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One Response to “Businessweek Cloud Smackdown”

  1. James Urquhart Says:
    April 11th, 2008 at 12:17 am

    Nice catch, John! Some more:
    What the hell does “The idea is that tech capabilities should hover over everything…” mean? Seriously, hover over what?No mention of the cost of storage or bandwidth? Or did he lamely try to wrap those costs in with the CPU cost to get the $0.20?While Sun and HP, at least, have had both grid and short-term lease services available, neither of those count as a “cloud” in the sense of hiding infrastructure; in each case the customer has to configure some element, including blasting out server images in many cases.
    Still, I think he was trying to communicate the disruptive nature of these offerings, but wasn’t nearly as articulate as the general blogosphere.