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BarcampESM Photos

By John | January 21, 2008

The mouth of Open Source, Tarus Balog (OpenNMS) hugging the voice of IBM monitoring, Heath Newburn (IBM World Wide Product Manager of ITM).

more pictures …

My panel discussion was great “Monitoring – The good, the bad, and the Ugly.” From left to right: Eric Dahl (Co-Founder of Zenoss), Chip Holden (Architect at BMC), Tarus Balog (OpenNMS), Heath Newburn (IBM).

Blogging power. From Left to Right: Steve Carl (TalkBMC), Mark Hinkle (Socialized Software), Doug McClure (, and myself.

Whurley put me on badge detail (Yuk!)

Cote’ the Redmonk analyst (and my co-host on the IT Management Guys) wasn’t missing one drop of all the information flowing in that room.

Whurley has it all on tape, and we should see most of the presentations up in a few days.

I made a lot of new friends Saturday. However, Damond Edwards (in the picture with me) and Alex Honor of ControlTier have some interesting solutions and ideas on how to improve the development to operations gap.

Eric, Mark, and Bill Karpovich (CEO of Zenoss) are trying how to figure out how to pay for all of this. Not quite, BMC and FiveRuns also foot the bill as well.

Closing time. Heath started a great dialog at the end of the day long after the stage equipment was gone. We all talked in a circle about how to improve the monitoring to business service gap. I think the take away is to start following the OMC and to see where the conversation continues.

Overall, the attendance was lower than I expected, but this was a “can’t miss event.” Thanks to everyone, and I can’t wait ’till BarcampESMII. To see more pictures, go to

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