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SAS – The Eveready Battery of Business Intelligence

By John | January 27, 2008

SAS Institute out of Cary, NC, customer Intelligence solutions sales grew fifty percent in 2007. SAS has been doing BI since before it was called BI. SAS claims to have 43,000 customers using its product, and it has been around since 1976. I remember doing performance and accounting analysis with SAS back in 1983. With all the shake up in 2007 with BI vendors (Cognos->IBM, Business Objects->SAP, and Hyperion->Oracle), it should be interesting to see how the dust settles with SAS in 2008. SAS is a privately owned company, and there are only a few players that would even make sense for a possible acquisition (e.g., HP, EMC). IMO, it is unlikely that SAS will be acquired in 2008. However, I try never to say never.

Sales of SAS® Customer Intelligence grew 50 percent in 2007

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