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BMC Moves To The Front Of The Cloud Class

By John | March 17, 2009

James Urquhart calls Network Automation the final frontier of “Cloud Computing”, and I totally agree.  I have been following the cloud for some time now, and I noticed there is a big opportunity for some vendor to swoop in and solve this “Unified Computing” (i.e., cloud network) automation problem.  Configuration and provisioning are at the core of everything that is exciting about cloud computing.  It’s one thing to automated server elasticity; however, it’s really big game if you can automated the configuration and provisioning of servers, network, and storage devices all in one swoop.

Yesterday Cisco announced their Unified Computing System (UCS) blade servers and BMC was announced as their management solution partner.  According to BMC,  Cisco’s UCS will ship with BMC management software.  BMC will provide integration between Cisco UCS Manager and BMC’s Atrium CMDB and the BladeLogic Service Automation products.  Last year BMC purchased BladeLogic for $800 million and while Bladelogic only had 70 customers and 90 million in revenue it seemed like a big gamble.  It looks like that gamble paid off, because now the Bladelogic technology has been thrust right into the core of this UCS cloud final frontier.  The proof will obviously be in the delivery; however, it’s a great place to start from for BMC.

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