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Groovy – Gaelyk – Appengine – AJUG

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Groovy – Gaelyk – Appengine Who: Pratik Patel What: Groovy – Gaelyk – Appengine When: Wednesday August 26, 2009 – 6:30PM Where: Matrix Resources, 115 Perimeter Center Place NE, Suite 250, Atlanta, GA This month, I’ll be presenting Gaelyk on Appengine. Here’s the description of Gaelyk from its website: Gaelyk is a lightweight Groovy toolkit [...]

I’m Sending My Kids to UCSB

Friday, June 19th, 2009

This is not a college it is a software factory.  One of Rick Wolski’s (Eucalyptus fame) peers has create some more magic.  This time they took on Google App Engine.  Here is a blurb… AppScale is an open-source implementation of the Google AppEngine (GAE) cloud computing interface from the RACELab at UC Santa Barbara. AppScale [...]

Cloud Droplet #80 SQS, Oracle and Google, and Azure

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Drop #80 Listen Here… Links associated with this podcast

Java Support for Google App Engine

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Running our internal and external apps on App Engine isn’t without difficulty, however, and we’ve learned a lot in the process. Tonight at Campfire One we released a new set of features — based on community and internal feedback — that helps App Engine interface more easily with businesses’ existing technologies: App Engine’s early look [...]

Cloud Cafe #24 – Google App Engine

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Last week we able to get Noah Gift, a local Python and GAE expert to give the Awsome group a presentation on Google App Engine.  We were able to record the session here. I think you will enjoy this podcast. Listen to the Podcast Here I wanted to add a special thanks to Florence Neal [...]

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