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Crap Factoid Alert 370 percent ROI from ITSM

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

I just love the Skep… This time he takes BMC to task for claiming a 370 percent ROI from ITSM. Chokey the Chimp warns of a moderate Crap Factoid in the wild, with our old friends at BMC claiming a 370 percent ROI over 30 months on implementation of BMC’s ITSM v7. One would struggle [...]

ITSM this week only $211

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

How to assemble all the ITSM reference library you need for $211 .

Keeping it Real with ITSM

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

The IT Skeptic knows ITSM. He has a new book out and has started a CMS for discussing real ITSM.  I am a huge fan of removing hype from anything IT and Rob does a great job of doing this for ITSM. I am looking forward to reading his new book.