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Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs Meetup Rocked

By John | May 16, 2008

Mike Schinkel, a local Atlanta Web enthusiast (also the guy who taught me Drupal), ran an “Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs Meetup” last night.  My guess is that there were about 75 people there last night and for a rainy night in Georgia that ain’t bad.  He had setup 7 round tables each table with a 3/20 minute sessions from an “Expert”.  It was a great venue for learning and networking combined.  There were investors, lawyers, news journalists, Ruby on Rails guys, branding consultants, Web marketers/developers, and of course “Cloud” experts. Unfortunately my “cloud” table was a little light with only about 6 people. A lot of people still don’t know what “cloud” computing is … go figure… However, I think I directed one guy to Rigtscale or Elastra and another guy to hold off on going to the clouds.  Both were very happy with the advise I gave them. I had also made an offer to a handful of the “Cloud” vendors to send me some material to hand out and only Rightscale and Elastra responded.  The bound copy of Elasta’s white paper was a really hot item.   I hope Mike runs more of these venues it was really great.

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