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Cloud Cafe Podcast #5

By John | June 20, 2008

In this fifth podcast I have a discussion with Stu Charlton the Lead Architect at Elastra. This podcast completes my interviews with the First Triumvirate of cloud vendors, Rightscale, 3Tera, and Elastra. These are vendors who are leading the way as true infrastructure providers on top of the cloud. Stu does a great job explaining how the Elastra product works including a discussion of “Puppet” as the clouds dirty little secret. We also talk about how Autonomics for the first time really plays in well designed cloud infrastructures. Stu also explains Elastra’s ECML and EDML and how today they are used in the public cloud but also how they might work in the private cloud in the future (i.e., a Fog). Stu is clearly a very smart guy and I am pretty sure you will find this podcast very educational.

Listen to the Podcast Here

I wanted to add a special thanks to Florence Neal for the artwork and Mike Colletti for the music. If you find any of their works interesting, please feel free to link their sites and contact them directly.

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3 Responses to “Cloud Cafe Podcast #5”

  1. Kent Says:
    June 21st, 2008 at 11:18 am

    I enjoyed this podcast, generally I never make it all the way through a podcast for some reason (transcripts!) but this was a good one! Thanks!


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