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By John | March 6, 2009

Here is a list of five of my podcasts, in order, that might serve as a good introduction and tutorial on the topic of “clouds”.

Cloud Cafe Podcast #30 -What is a Cloud from the Beginning

It only took 30 podcasts to figure out a way to get my favorate analyst, and IT management co host on my Cloud Cafe series. Actually I wanted the 30th podcast to be special and I had this idea of doing a “What is a Cloud from the Beginning” a few weeks back. At first I was going to do it all by myself, then I thought how cool would it be to get Michael Coté to interview me. I always have a great time being a co host on his “IT Management” podcast series and he really has a great style for doing podcasts. We hammer out all of the basics for what is a cloud.

Cloud Cafe Podcast #27 -What is a Cloud?

I guess it might seem silly to ask this question after 26 podcasts on said subject. However, when you get a chance to ask this question to two smart guys like Geva Perry (Thinking out Cloud) and James Urquhart (Wisdom of Clouds) the the question doesn’t seem that silly. We walk through a lot of the cloud definitions being used today and try to put “some” sanity to all the cloud defintions being used in the cloud-o-sphere.

Cloud Cafe Podcast #9 – Enomaly

This is another great podcast. I had the opportunity to have a discussion with Reuven Cohen the founder Enomaly. Reuven is one of the rock stars of the “cloud” discussion. We really beat the bushes on all topics cloud on this podcast. If you are a junkie of the “cloud” this is a must.

Cloud Cafe Podcast #21 -Eucalyptus Cloud

Do you miss talking to your old college professor? Are you a cloud Junkie? Then you MUST listen to Rich Wolski talk about Clouds, Grids, a little bit about educating our kids. This was one of my favorite all time podcasts.

Cloud Cafe Podcast #8 – Animoto

In this podcast I was able to speak to another customer of the “cloud”. Brad Jefferson the CEO of Animoto shares some of his experiences and thoughts about the cloud. Animoto uses Rightscale as their cloud infrastructure partner. Brad discusses their infamous 50 to 5k servers in one week experience. Again Mike Colletti and Florence Neal getting it done withe their artistic contributions.

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