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Mosso Saves My Bacon!

By John | March 2, 2008

A phrase that is used in the new SEO world is “Slashdotted,” which is also referred to as the Slashdot Effect. Last Thursday, the meta-blog site called Reddit somehow put my Top 10 Worst Captchas on its top 25 first page. By 9 am, I had 7k views on that one blog. By the end of the day, I topped out at 28k views, and I had 50k views on my site in a two-day period. I recently moved this blog site over to Mosso’s cloud service, and I can tell you that my old Amazon EC2 would never have survived this hit. I was previously running a single-instance EC2, and the single apache server that I had would have not withstood 50k views in two days, and neither would the back end single MySql DB. Now, if I had invested in building a clustered solution with some autonomics on EC2 or used someone like Rightscale, the site probably would have been ok. The reason I moved to Mosso, however, is that I am not in the cluster building and infrastructure business, at least not for this blog site. Also, without built-in autonomics, whic Mosso has, I would have been guessing all day Thursday and Friday trying to figure out when the madness was going to stop. In fact, I am still averaging 10k hits a day from that stupid blog.

The good news is that not only was the complete incident worry free and hands off for me, but I am also not going have to pay any extra for the increased usage (it’s built into Mosso’s $100 per month fee). By the way, the next time someone tells you that Amazon is cheaper than Mosso, bull. I was paying around $100 per month for Amazon as well, and my costs for Amazon would have at least doubled for last week’s incident. Mosso has a unique cloud structure that automatically adjusts to situations like this one. The bottom line is that, when I talked to Mosso about switching my service, I told them that we could talk all day about who is better but that the proof will be in the service delivery. Well, end of story: for my simple blog site, Mosso is definitely the best cloud for me.

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7 Responses to “Mosso Saves My Bacon!”

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    March 5th, 2008 at 11:17 pm

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  3. jason Says:
    March 17th, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    “By the way, the next time someone tells you that Amazon is cheaper than Mosso, bull. ”

    yea? so what happens when Mosso starts billing for every request (over 3M) this summer? I don’t see how anyone can recommend Mosso (and I certainly wouldn’t trust them) from here on out.

    The uniqueness of their “cloud” is that it goes down every other week.

  4. John Says:
    March 17th, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    I am also not crazy about the transaction metric at Mosso. However,o this blog site it has worked very well (Elasticity). What Mosso does it charge you by the get request and the new plan includes 3 million. I think they have 10 million transaction plan for $150 or something. 10 Million for $150 I don’t think is a bad offer given all of what you get with Mosso at that level (i.e., all the clusters built in).

    This site has been running on Mosso for at least three weeks and we have had only two hits. One was not good however the second one was for 10 minutes. Both times I called support and they knew exactly what was wrong. Here is the thing, when Amazon S3 went there was no one to call. They don’t have support. The way customer’s got support was by posting on the AWS forum. After about an hour Amazon had the turn the forum to read only.

    If you have an experience with another cloud that is working well I really would like to hear about it.


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