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The Big Switch, Woody Allen, Eggs Benedict, and Coté

By John | January 17, 2008

Now that I have your attention, here is an old Woody Allen stand up routine.

I had once a pain in the chestal area. Now, I was sure it was heartburn, y’know, ’cause at that time I was married and my wife cooking with her nazi recipies, y’know, chicken Himmler. I didn’t wanna pay twentyfive bucks to have it reaffirmed by some medic, that I had heartburn. But I was worried ’cause it was in the chestal area. Then it turns out my friend, Eggs Benedict, has a pain in his chestal area, in the same exact spot. I figured if I could get Eggs to go to the doctor, I could figure out what was wrong with me, at no charge, so I con Eggs. He goes. Turns out he’s got heartburn. Cost him twentyfive dollars, and I feel great, ’cause I figured I beat the medic out of twentyfive big ones, y’know. Called up Eggs two days later – he died. I check into a hospital immediately, have a battery of test run and x-rays. Turns out I got heartburn. Cost me a hundred and ten dollars. Now I’m furious. I run to Eggs’ mother, and I say: “Did he suffer much?” And she said: “No, it was quick. Car hit him and that was it.”

Coté has written an excellent review of Nick Carr’s new book The Big Switch. I have been told by a few people that the first half is that age-old story of what they did with electricity a 100 years ago. The next part sounds like the other old automation story that I have been living for 30 years (how computers make people lose their jobs). Well, I guess that I might just wait until puts it up and save myself $20 for now.

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