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A List of 102 Content Management Systems

By John | March 16, 2008

102 Content Management Systems

This is a great list. The problem is how could anyone get a handle on that many CMS systems. I run my blog on WordPress, and I can’t image even allocating the time to find a better blog CMS (if there even is one). I have built some special project-based CMS systems, and I took a hard look at Joomla, Drupal, and Radiant and wound up picking Drupal. I know that Moodle seems to have a great niche for education CMS systems and that Alfreso appears to be a strong document CMS play. It took me quite a few hours just to be able to identify those five CMS systems, and CMS is not necessarily what I do for a living.

Honestly, how would one ever find the time to assess a list like this?

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