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I Love WordPress, but…

By John | November 1, 2007

This blog is based on WordPress, and I think that, in my personal history book, it might be easier to use that any software product with which I have ever worked.  My perspective, however, is that of an administrator. IMHO, CMS systems are all about user facing and scalability. The real question is if WordPress is grown up enough to compete with Drupal on those aspects.

I recently heard that Best Buy uses the Drupal framework for its “Blue Shirt Nation” internal website. Employees at Best Buy use Drupal to exchange ideas and to share the best practices. They have implemented a true “Enterprise 2.o” solution by using tagging and custom applications to share information. Can WordPress, then, likewise be used in an “Enterprise 2.0″ scenario? I think that I already know the answer to that question, but a bigger question for me is if Joomla is up to that task?

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