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Big News from my Friends at CohesiveFT

By John | October 28, 2008

CohesiveFT Announces Security for Cloud-Computing Environments
VPN-Cubed™ is the first commercial offering that enables customer-controlled security in and across clouds

CHICAGO, IL—October 28, 2008—CohesiveFT, the leader in automated software assembly, today introduced VPN-Cubed™ (, an encrypted virtual private network (VPN) enabling customer-controlled security inside a single cloud, across multiple clouds, and between clouds and private infrastructure. By creating a secure bridge between the customer’s data center, as well as between multiple cloud-computing providers, CohesiveFT helps customers establish their own security perimeter for cloud-based assets, thereby solving a critical obstacle to cloud-computing adoption. With VPN-Cubed, companies can confidently leverage the cloud for redundancy, failover and scalability during critical transitions; whether scaling up to grow the business or scaling down to cut costs.

“In the same way an Enterprise maintains control of sensitive data in a physical data center, VPN-Cubed offers security and control in the cloud,” said Patrick Kerpan, chief technology officer at CohesiveFT. “VPN-Cubed acts as an encrypted LAN in a single cloud and as an encrypted WAN across multiple clouds, allowing cloud-based clusters to appear to be part of one physical network. Enterprises can grow their services horizontally and achieve better risk reduction and fault tolerance at the same time.”

VPN-Cubed is based on trusted, open standards and technologies including the open source software project OpenVPN. Unlike the VPN approaches commonly used to connect remote employees and offices, CohesiveFT’s VPN-Cubed product runs inside cloud-computing facilities with failover capability that keeps cloud clusters running reliably even in the event of a VPN server failure.  The company has offered a precursor to the VPN-Cubed product in production for more than a year via the Open Source VcubeV® project.

“CohesiveFT has not only paved the way for OOI to leverage dynamic assembly and on-the-fly virtual server creation, but they have anticipated the security needs of the Enterprise and delivered a simple and elegant solution,” said Matthew Arrott, Ocean Observatories Institute (OOI) Cyberinfrastructure Program Manager at the University of California San Diego. “By giving customers this additional layer of control, VPN-Cubed removes one of the final barriers preventing companies from realizing the cost and efficiency benefits of cloud-computing.”

Cloud computing is highly scalable access to computing, storage and network resources delivered via the Internet as a pay-per-use service. According to IDC, a global provider of market intelligence, cloud computing is poised to capture 25% of IT growth spend by 2012. Yet, in a recent IDC survey, 74% of IT executives/CIOs cited security as the top challenge preventing their adoption of the cloud services model. Today, clouds are secured by their providers; CohesiveFT’s VPN-Cubed gives customers the confidence to utilize cloud computing by offering a layer of security that the customer controls.

VPN-Cubed features and specifications:

CohesiveFT’s new VPN-Cubed product is a complement to the company’s award-winning Elastic Server® platform ( for real-time, automated assembly of virtual servers and custom application stacks. Users choose from a component library consisting of open source, third-party, and proprietary customer code, and assemble cloud- or virtual environment-destined servers in minutes. The automated assembly process dramatically improves the quality and consistency of application stack builds at the same time that it reduces the time to market.

VPN-Cubed is a packaged service offering available now. To learn more, visit or contact a CohesiveFT account representative at sales(at)

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