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Users aren’t buying vendors’ alphabet soup

By John | February 26, 2008

 CIM, APML, SML, CML, SDM, MOF, CMDBF, WTF??… Users aren’t buying vendors’ alphabet soup

A recent post regarding the IT Management Guys Podcast #6Â

The acronym fun begins about around the 8 minute mark and things really go off the rails around the 15 minute mark. It’s a fun bit of unintentional comedy to hear it. All are very bright guys who really know their stuff and have my upmost respect, but it’s just classic to hear an analyst and a vendor jump from acronym to acronym and throwing around modeling and language concepts all while the other host, John Willis, who represents the cream of the crop of actual in-the-trenches IT Management consultants, sits in stunned silence.

John’s quote to snap them out of it is priceless:

“Just give me something that I can go and manage ESM [Enterprise Systems Management] or do IT management!”

Amen, Brother John.

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