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What Devops Means to Me

By John | July 16, 2010

I have been in IT operations for over 30 years and I have seen a lot of good and bad ideas come and go. I have been following the Devops movement for over a year now and I have kept my eyes very focused to the Devops radar. To me Devops is one of the most interesting ideas that I have seen in the last 30 years. Like any new idea, Devops is creating some controversy and there are many discussions about what is wrong with Devops. In fact, many of the recent questions about Devops sound very similar to some of the questions that were being asked about Clouds two years ago. A lot of those old Cloud questions have now been answered; however, many still remain open. I believe this is exactly the path that the recent “Devops” questions are following. I have spoken and interviewed a lot of the thought leaders in the Devops movement. Here are some of my thoughts based on what I have learned thus far.

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