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CloudDoplets #15 – I Don’t Remember Learning How to Hate in Sunday School

By John | November 28, 2008

Drop 15

News Flash:

Cloud Camp Atlanta

Topics include:

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One Response to “CloudDoplets #15 – I Don’t Remember Learning How to Hate in Sunday School”

  1. Roland Judas Says:
    December 5th, 2008 at 6:02 am

    Hi John,

    thanks for commenting on our blog. We really enjoyed reading yours for quite some time, but I didn’t find the time (?!?) to listen to the Cloud-Podcasts. After beeing on your podcast, I’ll promise to listen to it regularly.

    I even try to convince our mastermind Chris Boos to start recording podcasts as well, because we really have some good points in the Automation field. Let’s see, maybe we will hear some audio here from good old germany.

    In the mean time, we would be glad to read or hear your opinion on our blog and esp. on our Automation Engine, which we described in earlier posts.

    Roland /