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Have you caught cloud fever yet?

By John | September 11, 2008

This what one of our new members at Tuesday’s Awsome meeting had to say:

Truly AWSome! This meetup group had the best bunch of cloud
computing folks who really knew the subject inside out. It was
a great discussion and even though I didn’t contribute much to
it by talking (I had never used Amazon EC2), it surely gave an
adrenaline rush! Got myself an Amazon EC2 account and fired up a few instances
today running Java Tomcat server(oops!) and had great fun
learning the stack for just 30 cents! :)

Our little Amazon Web Services (AWSome) group is growing. We now have 70 members and the last two meetings have been awesome (sorry couldn’t resist). Tuesday’s meetup had the highest turn out we have had to date. Keith Hudgins of Emcien gave a great presentation on how his company uses Amazon’s EC2. The Q&A after the presentation was excellent and the questions ranged from performance, security, and compliance. Hadoop even came up as a discussion when one of our members, Don Brown of Divvs, told us how he is using Hadoop on EC2 with his social networking authenticity system. He also had some really good input on his recent experience with EBS. Ben Cherian of ServiceCloud has attended the last two meetings and he provides a wealth of knowledge on cloud technology. All and all it was a great meeting and I can’t wait for the next one.

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One Response to “Have you caught cloud fever yet?”

  1. Ben Cherian Says:
    September 24th, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Hi John,

    I had a blast at the meeting and was excited to be around other cloud enthusiasts. Keith did a great job with his presentation and I’m glad Don was there. It’s great to see real applications of bleeding-edge technology like Hadoop. Guys like Don help make this technology mature. I’ll be there next time as long as my schedule allows.