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Anyone up for a cool mashup challenge?

By John | March 1, 2008

The other day, published a complete list of all the attendees at TED, and some really famous names were there. When I saw the list, I thought that this could make a really cool mashup if you took all the names and then tried to find who are the most popular in descending order (using something like enterprise search (Hadoop)). I thought about doing it, but, frankly, it would take me to much time. I was just thinking out loud that if someone up to the challenge could do this, it would educate dopes like me and create some really cool publicity for them self.

It would/could be a lot more sophisticated than this but…

Aaron LeBerge 26,900 hits
Adam Dell 892,000 hits

Al Gore 7,730,000 hits

Anyway, this is the stupid kind of stuff I think about when the kids go to bed.

Thanks for listening

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