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The Funded vs. The VC’s

By John | February 13, 2008

Mark Hinkle (Zenoss) told me about a few weeks ago. He thought that I might get a kick out of these guys since I’m a VC hater and all. TheFunded lets entrepreneurs rate and add commentary about their VC dealings. Apparently, the founder was burned by a VC and decided to get his revenge. I love the idea of making VC’s transparent, but I have found the site only mildly amusing so far. Most of it is simply whining about how the VC’s were mean and how they didn’t call after the second date and stuff like that. In fact, it reminds me of this old parable.

The Scorpion and The Turtle
One day a scorpion stood at the edge of a river, wanting to get to the other side. Along came a turtle to whom the scorpion posed the question, “Would you give me a ride across the pond?” “Of course not,” mumbled the slow witted turtle. “For as surely as I give you a ride on my back you will bite me!”"No. I promise. I won’t bite you,” said the scorpion. He hopped atop the turtle and their journey began, about three quarters of the way across the river the scorpion raised his poisonous tail and thrust it with all his might, right through the shell of the turtle, giving him a sting of death. “But you promised not to bite,” said the turtle. “Why would you do such a thing, even jeopardizing yourself?” The scorpion replied, “You knew I was scorpion when you agreed to give me a ride, what did you think I would do. I am a scorpion.”

Anyway, I have left site harmlessly in my Google reader, hoping that I might eventually see something exciting. Interestingly, TheFunded showed up in my in-basket today in an article from VentureBeat that addressed how the VC’s have been caught in a counter attack by TheFunded. This kind of stuff I find amusing. Apparently, TheFunded has had to use special algorithms to catch manipulative VC’s. I can’t wait to see when the TheFunded gets funding, an irony that I will surely find funny. If you are a VC hater like me, you might also want to read the comments section in the VentureBeat article, which is where all the fun stuff is.

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