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Dinner with Friends

By John | September 6, 2007

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Michael Cote of RedMonk last night. I think that I finally met my match – someone who likes to talk about ESM more than I do. We traded career war stories and obviously talk a lot about open source.

If you travel a lot, I highly recommend blogging. I have been traveling for many years, and, after work, I usually just go back to my hotel at night. Since I started blogging, I have become attached to this ecosystem of really interesting people with whom I love talking.  In almost every city that I have visited in the last few months, I have met really interesting people (Cote, Whurley, Turus Balog, Mark Hinkle, Luke Kanies, and Mitch Joel). What’s even more fascinating is they actually enjoy listening to me as well.


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