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ESM Executive Watchlist #2

By John | August 28, 2007

I am not finding a lot of ESM executives to make fun of these days, and, even though my old friend Mark Lewis EVP/CDO at EMC seems to be the only one popping up on my radar, he is laughing all the way to the bank.

In his recent blog post, he complain about not getting his assigned seat on a trip from Boston to San Fran. (wha, wha, wha,…)


Here is my response to his post:

“It sounds like a process problem and not a software problem. You should have checked in online. Come on dude, you are a Chief Development Officer of $11.2 billion company with 31,000 employees, get with the program. Even savvy Southwest fliers know you can’t get on the “A” line without a 24+ hour check-in. “

Here’s his post:

Mark’s Blog: Episode 52: Data Integrity in Real Life

Now for the joke’s-on-me part: Mark Lewis cashed out 4 million dollars last Friday. – EMC execs dump $25M in company stock

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