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First night in Austin

By John | September 5, 2007










I started the IBM ITM 6.2 Redbook yesterday in Austin. I called Whurley to see what he was up to, and it turns out that he was speaking at a CIO/CTO Roundtable at the new Domain. Fortunately, the Domain is the land that IBM sold across the street from the IBM buildings on Burnett. It was supposed to be an invitation-only event, but, since I knew Whurley, I was invited, which was great because the talk included a bunch of local Austin CIO/CTO’s wanting to hear Whutley talk about open source. And, since it was a round table, I did some talking, too.

The interesting thing is that at least three companies running Nagios for their monitoring (sound familiar) were there. Whurley told a great story about Nagios and BMC. When he first arrived at BMC, a few sales guys who found out that he was the open source guru came to him to get some intelligence on Nagios, mainly about who these Nagios guys were. They told Whurley that the Nagios guys were everywhere. When Whurley asked “What Nagios guys?” the sales guys began ranting about this army of Nagios guys who were just killing them. When Whurley told them that the Nagios “guys” were really just one guy (Ethan Galstad), they didn’t believe him. Whurley also made some strong points on BSD vs. GPL. I have always considered myself a GPL type of guy, but Whurley made some good arguments for BSD.


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