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Random thoughts (w/Macallan 25 year) on an ESM Stack

By John | September 11, 2007

  1. You start out with discovery.
  2. The output starts your configuration DB (dare say CMDB).
  3. Your configuration becomes the start of your business topology.
  4. Then some human intervention is needed to organize LOBs from the discovered data.
  5. Start data collection (Data Warehouse).
  6. Start monitoring for key Events and apply “Event Management.”
  7. Enrich event data with LOB info.
  8. Create a BSM Dashboard (based on LOB definitions).
  9. Aggregate DW for SLA by LOB.
  10. Aggregate DW for analytics (OLAP).
  11. Correlate updated re-discovery data for root cause (It’s Change Stupid).
  12. Reconcile changes with provisioning.

All for $9.99 at

Isn’t it amazing what one shot of Macallan 25 year can do to you?

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