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By John | August 21, 2007

I am working with a great bunch of guys in Chapel Hill today to help them architect a Tivoli implementation. Last night, I had a great podcast with Cote that he will broadcast shortly. I told him my “What does Bob want” story, and we talked about SOA and some really cool stuff. When I am back in Austin in September to start the IBM ITM 6.2 Redbook, we will try to do another one. I really enjoyed it. I also finaly got my order corrected with Apple, and I should be getting my Macbook Pro in about a week. “This has been a mess”. I have also met a few podcasters who are using this M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 2-Channel Mobile MP3 recording device. I went ahead and ordedered it from Musician’s Friend for $299. My wife is going to kill me.


I also have a very busy week this week. Tonight I am going to meet with Mark Hinkle of Zenoss, and we can talk some more about BarCampESM. Wednesday evening, I am going to skip over to Pittsboro to meet the mouth of OpenNMS. I also have to find time to squeeze in a blog article about a fantastic sit down meeting I had with Luke Kanies, the author of Puppet. Do I need to do some more research about Provigil???

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