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Social Networking for Dummies

By John | September 27, 2007


Facebook is what I would call the grown up version of myspace. It is less focused on finding old high school friends and Friday night dates than it on finding colleagues. When an account is created on facebook, it will ask the creator to identify one or more networks. I selected Atlanta as one of mine, but it also has networks for colleges, workplaces, and high schools. After selecting a network, you can then invite friends from facebook just by supplying their email address. You can also sync up your email or gmail/hotmail accounts to create a list of invitees. Also, facebook has many different groups. For example, here are a few of my groups:

Facebook is a great way to network with people with similar interests. You should check it out. My screen name is botchagalupe. Once you sign up, go ahead and Poke me.


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Twitter is another website for social networking. It is considered a micro blogging site. You can paste up to 140 characters in a window, and anyone who is following you will see that message. It is a great way to tell other people what you are doing or any ideas you might have. Facebook also has an interface for Twitter so that you integrate the two. Most conferences that are Web 2.0 aware are setting up a twitter group for the conference. The last Barcamp that I attended had a big screen, and people could communicate within the conference. My twitter name is botchagalupe. Here is a screen shot:


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Dopplr is a cool site that allows you to input the cities to which you will be traveling, and it will automatically match you up with any other colleagues who are registered.Though not as many people use Dopplr as use Facebook and Twitter, I have already met a few people on my recent trips because Dopplr linked us up. My dopplr account is botchagalupe. Here is a screen shot:


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