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700 Mhz – Round 15

By John | January 31, 2008

 C Block action comes to abrupt halt

Analysts have been trying to dissect the action on the C Block, attempting to figure out if the spectrum was luring a single bidder, presumably Internet giant Google Inc., which said prior to the auction that it would bid at least $4.6 billion for C-Block spectrum, or if Verizon Wireless was dueling with Google for the block. With bidding on the spectrum stumbling just short of the reserve price, the needle appears to be leaning more toward the former.

“Based on our analysis of various possible scenarios and use of the waivers, we would expect to know in round 16 today whether the C Block has been sold, unless there has only been (a) single bidder, possibly Google, that sits out a series of rounds,” noted research firm Stifel Nicolaus following round 15.

Of course, if a pair of bidders was interested in the spectrum, they could be using their bidding waivers to play possum in hopes the other blinks.

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