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700 MHz – Two Winners

By John | February 1, 2008

Google and Google.

Google’s primary objective in the horse race for the sought-after “C Block” was to ensure that the new FCC rule to make the new spectrum open to all network carriers. Google was instrumental in getting the FCC to write the open network rule into the auction. The rule states that, if the $4.6 billion reserve price were to be met, the eight C-Block licenses covering the 50 states would be an open network. On Thursday, a $4.7 billion dollar bid was made. It is not sure yet who made the bid, and the bidding is not over yet, but most experts believe that it was either Google or Verizon. Either way, Goolge wins because, as long as the spectrum is open, it has accomplished its goal. Supposedly, Google and Verizon have been playing a cat-and-mouse game and the bidding war may not be over yet. If Google won, however, then Verizon takes satisfaction that it cost Google $4.7 billion, and, as we have already stated, Google wins either way.

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    March 21st, 2008 at 3:55 am

    [...] won the coveted $4.7 billion bid for the C block in the recent FCC auction of the 700Mhz spectrum. Google also is a big winner in that they gave the FCC an insurance package that would guarantee a $4.6 billion reserve price if [...]