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Google and The Last Mile

By John | January 29, 2008

The FCC started the 700 MHz spectrum radio wave bid last Thursday. Google is one of the active bidders. As of tonight, the bidding action is around $6 billion. The “C” band in the figure below is the hot ticket.

The 700 Mhz spectrum has traditionally been used for UHF television broadcasts, but on February 19, 2009, those stations are going dark, and all TV broadcasts will be digital. The 700 Mhz is ideal for wireless broadband internet due to its lower-cost coverage area. The 700 MHz towers can cover 20 miles and have fewer interference issues (e.g., walls and physical structures).

If Google wins, it will be placed into a position as a service provider and deliver an end-to-end solution. Today, it owns the first mile out of your house. If it wins and decides to be a service provider, it will also own the last mile back to your home, phone, car ….

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