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Google Infrastructure (Two Big Words)

By John | June 13, 2008

Google spotlights data center inner workings

Google fellow Jeff Dean turned a spotlight on some parts of the operation. Speaking to an overflowing crowd at the Google I/O conference here on Wednesday, Dean managed simultaneously to demystify Google a little while also showing just how exotic the company’s infrastructure really is.

Here are some more notes from another blog …

Single search query touches 700 to up to 1k machines in < 0.25sec

· 36 data centers containing > 800K servers

o 40 servers/rack

· Typical H/W failures: Install 1000 machines and in 1 year you’ll see: 1000+ HD failures, 20 mini switch failures, 5 full switch failures, 1 PDU failure

· There are more than 200 Google File System clusters

· The largest BigTable instance manages about 6 petabytes of data spread across thousands of machines

· MapReduce is increasing used within Google.

o 29,000 jobs in August 2004 and 2.2 million in September 2007

o Average time to complete a job has dropped from 634 seconds to 395 seconds

o Output of MapReduce tasks has risen from 193 terabytes to 14,018 terabytes

· Typical day will run about 100,000 MapReduce jobs

o each occupies about 400 servers

o takes about 5 to 10 minutes to finish

More detail on the typical failures during the first year of a cluster from Jeff:

· ~0.5 overheating (power down most machines in <5 mins, ~1-2 days to recover)

· ~1 PDU failure (~500-1000 machines suddenly disappear, ~6 hours to come back)

· ~1 rack-move (plenty of warning, ~500-1000 machines powered down, ~6 hours)

· ~1 network rewiring (rolling ~5% of machines down over 2-day span)

· ~20 rack failures (40-80 machines instantly disappear, 1-6 hours to get back)

· ~5 racks go wonky (40-80 machines see 50% packetloss)

· ~8 network maintenances (4 might cause ~30-minute random connectivity losses)

· ~12 router reloads (takes out DNS and external vips for a couple minutes)

· ~3 router failures (have to immediately pull traffic for an hour)

· ~dozens of minor 30-second blips for dns

· ~1000 individual machine failures

· ~thousands of hard drive failures

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