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Who (Google) Gets to be the Judge and Jury

By John | November 30, 2007

Google Does!

I made a comment today on Matt Asay’s Google post this morning. Since very few people, including Matt, ever read blog comments, I thought that I would post my thoughts here.

If Google wins its bid for US wireless spectrum in January it will make them one of the most powerful companies we have seen since before the old AT&T breakup. While I agree with most of Matt’s points, that it might be exciting having an innovative company in the drivers seat for a while, my question is at what cost? When I read Matt’s article this morning all I could think about was a blog post I read a few days ago that has been bugging me. Here it is. The thing that scares me about this story is that the company and all of it’s customers were given a death sentence with out a trail. Even though I wasn’t interested enough in the story to personally decide if the company was doing something wrong, which they probably were, I was still concerned about the punitive actions. If Google wins their bid there is no doubt they will own a lions share of the internet and anything attached to it. At what point should they be aloud to be he final arbiter in disputes like this.

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