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Groundwork the Mystery Continues

By John | January 23, 2008

I noticed in one of Tarus’ latest blogs that he mentioned that Ranga Rangachari, the ex CEO of Groundwork, is no longer listed on the Groundwork management team. In fact, I looked at Groundwork’s management team page, and it looks like Dave Lilly (one of the founders) is back at the helm. I am not sure what this means for Groundwork, which has seen a lot of transition over the last year. It has lost a VP of Marketing, a VP of Sales, a lead architect, and now its CEO. IMHO, loosing Ranga might be the best thing that ever happened to Groundwork. When I talked to Ranga a year ago, I felt that his resume far exceeded his skills and that he was running a good thing into the ground because of his “Deer in the Headlights” fear of his VC’s. Dave Lilly, on the other hand, is a startup guys type of CEO and it might be a positive that he is back in charge.

The real question is did Ranga quit because, like Phil, Tony, and Tony, he saw the writing on the wall, or did Dave make a deal with the devil and let the VC’s feed Ranga to the slaughter?

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