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Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained, Nothing Gained, …

By John | August 14, 2007

I might make an idiot of myself and have only one person in the audience when I present talk “What Does Bob Want?” this Saturday at Café Coco at BarcampNashville. Nothing ventured nothing gained, nothing gained… as I say.


“What Does Bob Want?” is a very funny story of the trials and tribulations of an ESM architect trying to figure out exactly what Bob the CTO wants. In the end, the ESM architect has an epiphany about ESM after practicing for thirty years.

I am not doing this talk in a complete silo, however. I gave this presentation at the Tivoli Technical User Conference this year and also at four regional Tivoli User Group gatherings. It has always been received well. I have tried to write it as a blog article, but, quite frankly, I don’t write well enough to get this one down on paper. I am fairly confident that this just isn’t a great venue for this presentation, but I’m  going to try to kill two birds with one stone. One, since this will be my first BarCamp, I will get to see what a BarCamp is all about. Secondly, I am going to get a chance to try out my new Canon HV20 and also to do my first podcast, which I hope to post sometime next week.


If you are an ESM’r or, even better, a Tivoli ESM’r, and you are in the Nashville area, please swing by, and we can talk ESM.



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