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Awsome This Tuesday Should Be Awesome

By John | March 8, 2009

If you are in the Atlanta area this Tuesday night (3/10/09) you might want to stop by and attend our Awsome meetup. We have two great presenters as follows:

7:00 Hadoop

Don Brown of TwitPay will be giving a presentation on Hadoop and Map Reduce. For those of you who missed Don’s presentation at Cloud Camp Atlanta, he gave a great presentation. We are planning video taping the presentation this time so that we can show the world that not only does Atlanta have cloud, we also got “Hadoop”.

8:00 Stu Charlton of Elastra (Remote Guest)

Stu is the Chief Software Architect at Elastra. Stu is extremely knowledgeable in the cloud space and is especially knowledgeable when it comes to Amazon Web Services. He will start with an overview of Elastra and then he will provide some advanced information about AWS. We will also allocate some time for questions.

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