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Big 4 Little 4 – Private Clouds

By John | June 25, 2009

As lists go, here goes…

Big 4

IBM Blue Cloud

IBM’s latest announcement, IMHO, finally puts them on the map as far as private cloud infrastructures go. I still believe they have a long way to go, but they have a very powerful infrastructure with their Cloudburst architecture backed by TSAM, ITPM, and ITM.

VMware vSphere

VMware has gone through a few iterations over the last year trying to define thier private cloud offering. Much like IBM’s Blue Cloud, VMware’s cloud offering has been a moving target. vShphere seems to be VMware’s first solid stake in the ground very much like IBM’s recent announcment.


Sun’s cloud story was starting to get really interesting until the great un-believer purchased them. Sun’s acquisition of Qlayer was starting to play out nice for the Sun private cloud story. As acquisitions go, they should be getting back on track this year as long as the chief ninja doesn’t screw things up.

Computer Associates (Cassatt)

I agree this is a stretch, however; I still believe Cassatt is strong technology and CA has to understand that it’s life blood must exist in the cloud.

Little 4


3Tera passes my I know one when I see one test. 3Tera’s Applogic provides a private grid like infrastructure for true cloud computing. They have been providing a solid private cloud for a few years now.


A front runner for “The Best Tweet” cloudie award this year is this one from @ruv …: “its like a game of survivor . The Enomaly motto should be, Outwit, Outplay, outlast.” Enomaly has recently announced a Cloud Server Provider Edition. This seems like a nice white label approach to providing other providers a cloud in a box.


Eucalyptus is a fascinating story. Rick Wolski, UCSB professor, tasked his students to build an open source version of Amazon’s Web Services. One year later they are funded by Benchmark Capital and have 11 employees. This is very promising technology. I guess the big question for me is, “Do 3Tera and Enomaly have to far of a head start?”


No ‘good” Big 4/Little 4 discussion can be complete with out a miss placed vendor :) I have called the Cloudera guys the 1927 Yankees of Hadoop. Hadoop is changing the way IT looks at data and these guys are leading the charge.

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