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Halloween Night 1987

By John | October 31, 2007

It was about nine months into working for my first software company. I had lost all my savings from my first job (Exxon) 12 days prior (i.e., Black Monday).

At the time, I was working around 80 hours a week for a company called Morino Associates, so I was never home. This particular night, I got off early, and, as I pulled into my apartment complex, I noticed that it was Halloween but was way too tired to go back out to get candy. I have always hated the people on Halloween who turn off their lights and act like they are not home, though, so I was not going to have any of that going on. I decided to pull out a jar of quarters and put them by the door. For the first hour no one came. Then, at about 9pm, three kids knocked on the door. When I opened the door, I stuck my hand into the quarter jar and gave them each a large handful of quarters, probably about three dollars each. I figured that it was so late that I wouldn’t have anymore trick or treaters for the rest of the night. Then, just before the kids left, I figured that I should ask them not to go around and tell other kids what I gave them. As I sat down on my couch to rest, I heard those three kids screaming at the top of their lungs, “The guy in 207 is giving away money.” Next thing I knew, all the quarters were gone, and the kids did not stop coming. So what did I do? I went out and bought a few bags of candy after all.

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