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Who the heck is Jim Kim’al?

By John | August 2, 2007

I am supposed to be on vacation this week.  You all know how that goes. However this is a great example of why me and VC don’t get along.…


I am walking down Hollywood Blvd with my family yesterday and this guy comes up to me asking me if I want to be on a TV show and he shows me his studio badge.  So I ask him what do I have to do? He says – “do a belly flop into a five foot pool.”  I can do that I say.  Then he escorts me over to the studio.  He asks me if I have ever heard of Jim Kim’al and I say no.  Then I can tell he is having second thoughts about me but my unique short and fat physique is still alluring him (I know I have to work on that.)  When we get over to the front of the studio (it’s right on Hollywood Blvd across from Mann’s Chinese Theater) several people start asking me a bunch of questions.  Then this fast talking producer (I am not sure but I think she is the VC in this story) starts edging towards me.  There are about eight of us vying for about 4 spots.  She, the producer, has this air about her where she knows she is in complete control. She also kind-a plays dumb as if to let you think you are really in control when all along she has the grip of a fighter pilot’s control on the situation.   In fact I have already been warned about talking to her a couple of times by her minglings.  She finally gets to me and she starts firing away a series of questions in rapid succession.  I had been previously listening to the few people who were being interviewed before me and I heard them say yes to every question she asked.  I can’t remember all the questions she threw at me but I am afraid I said no a few times.  Although the thing that probably nailed my coffin was when I asked “Who the heck is Jim Kim’al?”


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