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Where is IBM?

By John | July 27, 2007

Matt Asay made a post on his blog today that got me going.  I remember going to a “C” developers conference twenty years ago in SanFrancisco and all the developers’s were ragging on IBM.  I basically asked them the same question I asked Matt 10 minutes ago (see below):

Where is IBM?  You have to be kidding.

They are running the infrastructure of your life.  My guess is that your bank, energy company, your insurance, your hospital, your cable company, state government, your federal government, airline, the companies that stock most of your refrigerator and pantry all run some IBM hardware and Software even though I have no idea where you live.  Have you ever looked at the financials of the IBM services origination and know how many global 2000 companies they are running?  What software do you thing they use? Come on, just google websphere.  Even though you don’t see DB2 as much as Oracle more often than not Oracle is running on IBM hardware in the larger enterprises. I personally have empirical data on over 1000 of the global 5000 that are running IBM software which I’m obviously not going to disclose.  All I can say is you and your friends are looking in the wrong places.

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