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Customer choice is the differentiator –Says IBM and Sun.

By John | August 16, 2007

Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz and IBM hardware group chief Bill Zeitler agreed that offering customers more choices is the bottom line. Bill used IBM’s dealing with Linux as a good example, noting that, when IBM wanted to go to Linux, many were concerned about its effects on IBM’s OS products. In the end, IBM increased revenue on all its platforms, including pSeries AIX. Jonathan further confirmed the principle of greater choice for customers by using the free Solaris as an example. Under this agreement, IBM becomes an official Tier 1 OEM under Sun. Nothing will change, however, for 90 days until the agreement is formalized. The driver and server optimization will be ongoing. IBM will provide server optimization, possibly looking into features such as the Director line support, and Sun will provide driver optimization.

Here are some high lights from the Q&A

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