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DevCampTivoli Game On

By John | March 5, 2008

Break out the hockey sticks its game on for DevCampTivoli. The problem we are going to try and solve is – how to get proper business information from the resource into the service management dashboard.

Doug has given us a great list of information of what he needs to make TBSM (Tivoli’s BSM Dashboard) show the business folks what they need to know. Doug is an expert on this subject. My guess is that we will be suing a little bit of all the cool Tivoli technologies. I will give a brief tutorial on the ITM Agent builder and UA before we get started. W plan on starting with three teams and three silos to make this happen. Each team should have about five or six members. Here are the initial three teams we have defined.

Team Alpha

Doug McClure will work on this team and the goal of this team will be to use an external mechanism from the resource (i.e., the monitored resource) to post events. This silo will bypass the normal monitoring event flow by using a direct command interface (i.e., Enterprise Console “postemsg”). The event will be enriched via a script and will be sent directly to TEC/TBSM/OnmiBus. Doug also had an interesting idea to also send a normal monitoring event and tie the customized event and the out-of-the-box event together trough a key attribute in both events.


postemsg approach: postemsg installed on each managed system, in paralell with standard situation flow, postemsg event (via relex action) will be generateed with enriched information (from bsm profile / desriptor file) such as situation name, managed system name, bsm descriptor file info, etc.. Key info such as situation name will be used for tie back from TBSM or OMNIbus into ITM domain

Team Beta

Naeem Altaf is going to lead the second silo. Naeem works in the IBM Tivoli “Best Practices” group with Ben Stern and has done an extensive amount of work with ITM 6. He has authored a few Redbooks and will be a great asset to the Devcamp. Naeem has been working with some prototypes trying to solve Doug’s problem using the ITM 6 mapping files. This silo will explore a customized solution using ITM version 6 event mapping files.


Mapfile approach (what we’ve been discussing, what Naeem has worked up, TME10 thread, etc.)
Each of these will tie into upstream components at the Tivoli EIF probe. We’ll want to think about rules/lookups needed here and how we’ll move up the stack in OMNIbus and in TBSM. Please think about how we can use the BSM Profile or BSM Descriptor File concept in each of these scenarios as well as the BSM Situation and BSM Event thoughts.

Team Botchagalupe

I will lead this team. In team botchagalupe will focus on drinking heavily and making fun of the other groups. Actually we will have the most fun using the Tivoli Enterprise Console’s State Correlation Engine (SCE) to solve Doug’s problem. The idea will be to create several proto-types using SCE JAVA/Perl scripts to enrich the event data. I have no idea how we are going to do this, however, that’ the beauty of a Devcamp.

We would also like to setup a floating team of script, UA, and Agent builder participants that can create ad-hoc solutions for the primary teams as needed. If any of this sounds like fun to you please feel free to contact me or add your name to the DevCampTivoli Wiki attendee list. If you want you have an idea for another track you want to lead please contact me. If you just want to watch come as well. Trust me it will be a blast.

John Willis

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2 Responses to “DevCampTivoli Game On”

  1. Robert Barron Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    What about those of us who will only be there in spirit, but not in body?

    How about team Internet?


  2. John Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    Great point.

    I will do a few things.

    1) Create a twitter feed.

    2) Setup a Wiki/blog entry for the camp.

    3) Depending on the remote interest some kind of IRC Jam.