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Doug is on Fire!

By John | February 7, 2008

Help us help you. Check out DevCampTivoli. We are looking for the following help:

  1. We want to round this out with about 25 to 30 developers who are interested in gluing monitoring (plumbing) with business service management (Holy Grail type stuff). Add yourself to the Wiki.
  2. Help us get the word out. We intend to publish all the output from the Devcamp as “Creative Commons” material. Therefore, our solutions will not be exclusive to just Tivoli products.
  3. Last but not least, we need sponsors. We are looking for only enough to pick up the basic costs of the un-conference (venue, lunch, dinner, caps, and tee-shirts): two silver ($250), two gold($500), and one platinum ($2000). We plan to present the solutions at a BOF later in the week during the Tivoli Pulse 2008 conference, and sponsors will be acknowledged at that time.

Here is Doug’s latest posting: “In Search of a BSM Situation and BSM Event from ITM 6.x.”

For more information on what we are trying to do, see:

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