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Google and IBM – Keeping it Real

By John | May 19, 2008

If you have been listening lately you would think that IBM and Google have been recently married. However, I would like to ask some simple questions…

  1. How many Mainframes does Google have?
  2. How many copies of AIX are running in those 1 million core Google data centers?
  3. Does Google run Tivoli Provisioning Manager to provision their 1 million core Google data centers?
  4. Does Google run Webshpere?
  5. Is App Engine running on the IBM Blue Cloud?

My guess is the answer is no to all of the above.

Eric Schmidt in his recent presentation at an IBM partner conference basically defines the Google and IBM initiative as an academic collaboration. He claims it was IBM’s idea however, I guess he didn’t read this BusinessWeek article. He also says that the initiative will be all open source however, he later states that IBM Tivoli will run the operation of the cloud. Note to Eric… Tivoli is the antithesis of open source. Schmidt also talks about Websphere running in the clouds (what universe or what definition of a cloud). I wonder what his speech is like when he talks at the HP’s conference. Also in the Q&A part of the same session Sam Palmisano (so not a Lou) says that we are not looking at Google as a customer. I guess he missed this article from Steve Mills.

Come on guys call it what it is … a big fat PR move …

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One Response to “Google and IBM – Keeping it Real”

  1. Jason Meiers Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    The video about the partnership between IBM and Google is interesting. I don’t know about the hardware, software and services Google is using from IBM.

    If Google’s serious about providing real business applications in their cloud to customers rather than just widgets for personal use, they may need help.

    Just my 2cents.