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Let’s Party 2008 – Utility Cloud Computing

By John | November 19, 2007

So if 2008 is the year of the utility cloud space computing then why don’t we play the “Gartner Predictions” game on 2008 possible cloud mergers? They never get their predictions right so why can’t we play? The assumption is that a “Tipping Point” has occurred with IBM’s announcement to compete with Amazon’s S3/EC2. Furthermore, another assumption will be made that the aforementioned assumption will have a major impact on some of the 1 billion plus technology vendors to compete in this new utility computing offering.

Here is a list of vendors that might be impacted:

First let’s do some analysis.

1) Who is already in the utility cloud space 2008:

2) Who already has their feet in the water for utility cloud space 2008:

3) Who should to be in the utility cloud space 2008:

4) Who might be great candidates to merge into the utility cloud space 2008:

4) Who can afford to play Switzerland in UCS 2008

5) Outliers

Wacky Predictions…

1) Oracle, EMC, Dell

2) HP, Citrix, SAP

Off-the-Wall Predictions

1) Amazon, Redhat, BMC

2) Microsoft, Novell

3) Google, Everyone

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One Response to “Let’s Party 2008 – Utility Cloud Computing”

  1. pawel lubczonok Says:
    December 30th, 2007 at 9:15 am

    Another company : ThoughtExpress
    Will be launching early 2008 a semantic computing cloud.
    This is to support our semantically based enterprise management system delivered on the web.